Blue Dream shatter


Blue Dream shatter

Buy Blue Dream shatter online Europe, Blue Dream is a slightly Sativa dominant hybrid (60% Sativa/40% Indica) strain that is a potent cross between the hugely popular Blueberry X Haze strains. This infamous framework has a moderately high level of THC ranging from 1724% on average and a myriad of indicative and Sativa effects.

Users also describe the Blue Dream high as the immediate onset of an uplifting cerebral high that leaves you fully motivated and focused with waves of creative energy that hit fast and hard.

This is accompanied by a mellow and relaxing body high that leaves you feeling warm, numb, and completely painless. This strain is an ideal strain to treat patients suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, chronic pain due to injury or illness, mild to moderate cases of depression, and sleep disturbances including insomnia. Blue Dream has a delicious sweet blueberry tart aroma and a smooth, sweet blueberry flavor that lingers on the tongue long after being smoked.


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