Garlic Cookies Pre Roll Joint


Garlic Cookies Pre Roll Joint

Order Garlic Cookies Pre Roll Joint online Europe. The name might sound odd, however, this contemporary powerhouse packs a bizarrely appetizing trademark aroma, in conjunction with heavy-weighted, full-bodied consequences which are a dream come proper for any indica lover.

cross between hall-of-fame parents – Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies – Garlic Cookies (aka GMO) is best for alleviating pain and stress, or simply slowing down after an extended day. Beyond the complicated aroma of diesel, coffee, vanilla, and funk, a top-shelf euphoria and liquid languor look ahead to you. It’s in all likelihood the best garlic-themed dessert we’d recommend.



Feelings: euphoric, soothed, relaxed

Flavor: diesel, garlic, coffee

Usage: exhaling deeply, easing down, curling up


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