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Order Larry OG Shatter online Europe, This strain for medical marijuana is one of the members of the famous oceans family of Strains Larry OG was originally created in California Crossing Orange County Crossing Og Kush with SFV Og. This is an Indica hybrid strain that features all the lemongrass funk along with the vigor of true Tahoe cut. Plus, there will be hints of the woodsy feel of SFV OG.

The plant appears on the light green lid with dark orange hair, thus offering a visible contrast. Users ​of this stress say that Larry OG gives a spicy and sweet and sweet aroma. The taste of the strain is similar to the smell and is sweet and tart. The taste of this strain can be compared to that of fresh orange. Larry OG’s lab tests showed that the strain contained full THC. The higher THC content of it will be beneficial for people looking to improve their appetite. Additionally, this strain is known for producing a physical high that is great for relieving body aches and pains.


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