Pineapple Express Shatter


Pineapple Express Shatter

Order Pineapple Express Shatter online Europe, It is a Sativa-dominant strain with a Sativa/Indica ratio of 60:40. The strain is quite popular and gained recognition thanks to the stoner movie of the same name.

Pineapple Express manages to deliver a light, pleasing, body-numbing buzz that it looks forward to. It doesn’t taste sweet, but it does smell funky with its citrus undertones.

The taste is quite extraordinary with a hint of pineapple on inspiration. Pineapple Express is chosen to treat many medical conditions, including anxiety and stress. However, it is even more effective in treating the symptoms of chronic depression at the same time.

If you suffer from mild pain, you should look no further. After smoking, you will find that Pineapple Express is both soothing and uplifting. Not only will this heighten all of your senses, but you will always feel energized as you observe an increase in focus, awareness, and creativity.


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