Opulence Cannabis Infused Chocolate


Opulence Cannabis Infused Chocolate

Buy Opulence Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Online Europe, Opulence Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Bars provide an expandedexperience. Each Luxurious taste is crafted by combining top-class full-spectrum extracts from the handiest the fine hashish with sustainably sourced cocoa that creates a top-class chocolate experience. The taste, texture, and flavors will right away show you’retaking part in something special.

Caramel Gold – 30% cacao – This caramel chocolate has rich notes of toffee, butter, cream, and a dash of salt that brings it all together.

Milk Chocolate – 41% cacao – A bar of slightly sweet milk chocolate with a dominant taste of cocoa and milk.

Pink Champagne – 33% cacao – Ruby cacao offers an intense sensorial delight, a new taste experience. Neither bitter, milky or sweet but an experience of fresh berry fruitiness and the sparkle of champagne.

Vegan Dark – 70% cacao – This dark couverture chocolate affirms a powerful cocoa flavor enriched with subtle floral and fruity-sourish notes.


500MG OF THC per Bar. 24 pieces per bar. 20mg THC per piece.



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