THC Assorted Flavors Kandy Kandy Gummies


THC Assorted Flavors Kandy Kandy Gummies

Buy THC Assorted Flavors Kandy Kandy Gummies online Europe, These Kandy Kandy gummies are perfect for someone who’s experienced and know what they’re doing with edibles because this company doesn’t mess around with their Pure Fun collection. This collection starts at 75mg per chewy and only goes up.

Marijuana edibles, including gummies, take a while to start with a minimum wait hour. don’t worry if you don’t feel anything even after 90 minutes…every person has a different metabolism and results may vary. Give it time and take another one after 2.5 hours if the effects are not strong enough. Patience is the key to success!



Below are the available Flavors


Green Apple




Mixed Fruit


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