Chocolate Bar Edibles


Chocolate Bar Edibles

Buy Chocolate Bar Edibles online Europe,

1:1 Chocolit Bar. Enjoy both the Dark 1:1 Bar and the 1:1 Classic Milk as a new way to get your daily CBD with a little THC to calm the nerves and help with sleep.

Choco-Lit Bars are premium CBD & weed-infused chocolate bars that taste as good as they hit!

Another awesome product line from these guys! The chocolate tastes delicious, and the high is just as good!

if you are new to weed edibles, then take 1/2 to 1 square and work up from there. Each bar contains 24 squares.

The high will take an hour or more to kick in just when you say, ‘I don’t think this thing worked’ it will start working 😉



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